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Successful Business Networking Tips

You must have been living at the bottom of the ocean or on a desert island over the last two years not to be aware of the global economic crisis, because all the rest of us have been touched by it in some way or another. And for the business community in particular, it has been a challenging period, perhaps the most challenging this century. Make no mistake, the impact it has had has been significant.

All over the world the business community has changed its whole outlook, from one of strategic forward planning to one of just survival. And even though there are signs that some sort of recovery is underway, many businesses are still firmly focused on survival.

It is as if the very thought of looking at anything else would be seen as foolish and foolhardy. In a recent survey of 570 leading global companies conducted by Ernst and Young 43% said that their operating model had been permanently altered by the events of the last eighteen months.

However, there were a significant minority of company leaders who were looking to find ways to take advantage of the economic climate. The survey shows 25% of companies are actively planning for growth, 34% are seeking strategic alliances and 36% plan to enter new geographies.

This is significant for a number of reasons.
1. It is clear that these leading companies can see the benefit of striking strategic alliances to help grow the business
2. Alliance networking can expand the business across the globe quickly and in a more economical way than through pure organic growth
3. Networks also help to build realistic local pricing levels

But when it comes to networking on a smaller scale, what is the best approach?
How do you ensure that you are linking up with the best partner?


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