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Wedding Planning Budget

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Wedding Planning Budget 101

Weddings should be planned carefully. After all, it is your special day. You want to enjoy it, and treasure it. For that, it doesn't have to be the fanciest wedding. Create the right atmosphere, and you will have a wedding to remember. Most couples cannot afford a wedding without budget limits. As people get more and more independent, couples wish to coordinate their wedding mostly by themselves (also financially), so they won’t have the pressure of their parents, who also wish to have their say. That's why you should have a closely checked budget. You don’t want to become frustrated because in the middle of the planning and organising you find out that you almost ran out of money.

So first thing, you need to figure, even vaguely, how much you got. You can put into the calculation a rough estimation of how much money you will get as presents (just don’t over estimate), and of course, if your parents offer to help don't decline. It is the utmost importance to know how much you have to work with.

Next thing is to have a list of everything. Most couples use a wedding planning checklist, so you can use this checklist to create your budget list, just extract from the wedding planning checklist the items that require funding. Your next task is to fill this list. Start by prioritising the items and begin making inquiries about the different costs. You can consult friends and family who got married recently, and also the internet. Now that you have your budget list, you will have to keep it balanced.

The reception will take a big chunk of your budget, it is clear. You will have to rent a reception hall (if you're going for the traditional approach) and hire catering. These are the most expansive items. And here comes the issue of the guests list. The bigger your guests list, the higher the costs. This is a good place to cut the costs if you are on a tight budget. Who says you have to have a 150 guests wedding? Try and limit that list only to the people you really wish to share your special day with (not all your mother's 2nd degree cousins have to attend your wedding). Another option is having an alternative for the reception. Instead of having a reception hall, you can have an outdoor reception.

Another big chunk of your wedding budget is the attire. There is the wedding dress, the broom's attire, and the bridal party gowns, make sure to put that as well on top of your list. The rings can also be pretty expansive, but that is totally up to you. Now there are the less costly things, like the ceremony, floral arrangements, photography, wedding favours and so on. These are things you can play with in the matter of costs.
Just remember to be happy with this day no matter what your financial abilities are..

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