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Wedding Planning Check List

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Wedding Checklist Tips

Making a wedding checklist can make your life, during the planning of your wedding, so much easier. All the details you need to keep in mind, and all the tasks needed to be done and coordinated, while planning a wedding, can bring about a lot of stress and pressure. Having that kind of a list will put most of that information on paper, and will help you keep track of what have already been done and what still need to be done, thus relieving a great deal of that pressure.

First thing you need to know, even before you start with the wedding checklist, is your budget possibility. It is a main feature of that list, because you will have to keep the wedding checklist balanced in terms of economics. Now you can move on to building a list. Sit down with your spouse to be and think about the major things, items and events that occur in weddings and write them down. Then you can proceed with less important and smaller issues.

A good advice is to divide your list into categories. And in each category write the different points related to that category. Such categories can be attire, ceremony, reception, food and beverages, photography, entertainment, the bridal party, etc'. Let's take for example the attire category. That includes the following points: you should start look for a wedding dress 4-6 months before the wedding, the rental stages of the wedding dress (if there are any), they purchasing stages of the wedding dress (if there are any), the fittings, the brooms attires, the bridal party gowns, and so on.

Some of the items should contain deadline dates and starting dates, as to make sure that everything you need will be ready on time. You don’t want to find out in the last minute that the wedding favours delivery had not come yet, for example. When you have your categories and your items in each category, you should start prioritising each category by order of importance, so you can take care of the most important things first, and that also includes those things that take a lot of time to prepare (like a wedding dress) and things that require early planning, like booking a reception hall. Some places require booking one year in advance so it is one of the first things you need to take care of.

Make sure to ask married friends and family about that list, they will help you think about things you may overlooked, and may give you good advise on how to organize certain things as well. You can also check books on the subjects (the market is full with wedding planning books), and don’t forget the internet. Just click in any search engine: 'wedding checklist' or 'wedding checklist tips'. You will find many websites with already made checklists which you can use, or add into your own list.

There is no doubt that having a wedding checklist will make your wedding planning smoother, easier, and even more enjoyable.

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