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Benefits from eating dark chocolate supplement as part of a healthy balanced diet; Encourages healthier cardiovascular function.
Helps promote respiratory function.
Helps promote joint flexibility and ease of motion.
Encourages healthier blood pressure.
Encourages healthier cholesterol levels.
May act as histamine blocker.
Increases serotonin levels.
Encourages dental health.
Helps suppress cravings.
Encourages healthy elimination.
Natural sexual stimulant.
Skin Benefits.

NEWS from The Korea Herald

"By using dark chocolate instead of products made with milk, one can binge until their stomachs are content and only have to suffer a wicked caffeine high for the afternoon.

According to new research, dark chocolate has anti-oxidant properties that protect the heart and arteries from damage, sort of like removing rust from an old car. However, mixing it with dairy products gives it the opposite effect, clogging you up like a California mudslide. "It's also good for mental health," said assistant chef Chang Hyun-ho. This is why "Death by Chocolate," costing 20,000 won and includes coffee, is aimed at people looking for a place to chat in the afternoon and needing something more stimulating than crackers to keep the conversation alive."

Why we love chocolate so much...

The bouquet of fresh chocolate is itself a powerful stimulant.

Chocolate contains at least 300 natural chemical compounds, resulting in a complex range of taste, which connect with our brain as they run over the most sensitive taste zones of our tongue.

Well-made chocolate has a sheen which varies from a brilliant glossy shine to a silky lustre.

A good dark chocolate should have at least 53% cocoa solids and a good milk chocolate 30% or more to deliver an authentic chocolate flavour.

Cocoa butter melts at just below blood temperature, the same temperature as our mouths, which accounts for that yielding-oozing sensation after the first few seconds.

How to spot the symptons of the Chocolate Bliss Point!

~ Vigorous nodding of the head
~ Emitting of low moans
~ Collapsing back into chair
~ Glazed look in eyes or maniacal gleam

Chocolate links

chocolate history | humour | types | legend | facts | timeline | chocolate shop


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