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Spicy Hot Chocolate

Step 1:

600g milk 200g cream
1 cinnamon pod
1 anise star
2g ginger

Bring to the boil while stirring continuously.

Step 2:

200g Callebaut dark chocolate

Melt and mix into the milk mixture.

Step 3: Serve in cups.


Hot-Cold passion and ivory drink
Finishing and presentation

Blend the ice cold 'Ivory chocolate milk' until it doubles in volume.
Pour into tall glasses.
Pour the very hot 'Passion' pineapple sauce into the middle.
Drink immediately and serve.

150 g Callebaut white chocolate
3 dl whole milk
2 cl coconut liqueur

Melt the chocolate and mix with the milk.
Add the liqueur and mix.
Chill (to just above freezing point).


100 g pineapple flesh
juice of 2 passion fruits
20 g sugar

Boil down the pieces of pineapple with the juice from the passion fruit and the sugar.
Mix and sieve.

chocolate passion ivory drink